Marilyn StonerWelcome to TvNursesTalk. This website is work of love and admiration for the talented dreamers, writers, producers, showrunners and artists that put TV series together for our enjoyment. I am a fan.

I use your work in my classes as a university educator, an international consultant, a writer and researcher. Sometimes I am sharing the “best of” and sometimes and I am not. No matter what you all produce, there is a nursing lesson for professionals, the public, students, faculty and the people receiving our care. Your work is appreciated here. If you want some advice or ideas I am here for you!

You can find me all over the web. Please leave a comment here on any of the shows I am commenting on. I am creating a complete reboot of this website. With many changes in the way we consume media, there is not need to give a weekly run down of shows anymore. There are a few that are a weekly series- you will find then on the page “On Air” but even those shows are available for online streaming ahead of the broadcast. Many people will binge watch the entire season in a weekend.

My goal is to add to what is known about the show’s take on nursing. To fill in gaps and add some context. When needed to correct errors that are terrible. TV is entertainment. It is a second, third, fourth telling of a story from one person’s standpoint. Often a person the writer never directly knows. How would be it entirely accurate?

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