Season 2 of Mercy Street request list

Okay, I admit to watching all of the six episodes of #MercyStreetPBS on Amazon. Many of my friends would be deeply disturbed if I spilled the beans on what was to come. They are watching the series “old school” one week at a time. I thought I could go old school too, but the series is just too good.

Here is my list for @LoneWolf_Media and all the creative types involved

  1. Nurse Hastings has to find her way and become the person Anne Reading was after leaving Alexandria – you know the part where she was ill (again) and did what she could to survive- supervised factory workers in a tobacco plant and sewed hats like many women did, while waiting for her husband to come home from war.
  2. Go beyond Miss Dix and mention some of the REAL giants of Civil War nursing- the ones who’s courage exceeds all of our combined:
    1.  Susie King Taylor– followed her physician husband in the war. She was amazing in many ways- including advocating for herself and nurses after the war- for pensions.SusieKingTaylor_BW


2. Mother Bickerdyke – fearless, tireless and dedicated to the soldiers of the Civil War she was Mother, nurse and lawyer. She worked with settlers in Kansas. The real “Florence Nightingale” regarding providing care, but she like others failed to write down and analyze the care given; no organized evidence base was produced as a result of care given int he Civil War.


3. As the show advances in years, please include the “Bread Riots”. Southern women were amazing. They had the most social pressure (in the beginning) to not nurse, not change their role. And yet they were so Bread Riotgenerous with their soldiers. The Bread War shows the rapid social changes being made the hardship they endured.

“Apr2 richmond riot” by Prensa, 1863.

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